Monday, November 26, 2012

Radio Theatre: Oliver Twist

I thoroughly enjoyed this audio presentation of Oliver Twist! It had been a long time since I read the book so I didn't really remember any of the details of the story. The voices were great, the sound effects were just right to keep our attention. We listened to this on a couple road trips as a family and the kids loved it just as much as we did. The recommended age is 12 and up and my kids are younger than that so there were a couple of places we fast forwarded because they were frightened, but that says to me it was great voices and sound effects! I loved this presentation and would recommend it to anyone. It was a great way to "read" a great classic Dickens novel.

I received this audio CD free from Tyndale publisher's in exchange for my review.


  1. I had seen this CD and wondered about it. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Hope you had a lovely holiday! :O)

  2. This was really great! I would highly recommend it. I don't know if I would have finished reading this if I had picked up the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation!