Friday, December 16, 2011

As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur

This is Kay Arthur's re-release of her previously published "As Silver Refined" She does an excellent job showing us how our disappointments are really "His Appointments". I really appreciate her practical and realistic approach to life in light of who we are in Christ. She begins the book with a beautiful picture of the Refiner and how he tends his fire to make sure his silver is perfectly refined. I love that picture. Knowing that our Refiner is tending to us just right so that when He looks at us He sees His image.

I enjoyed the real life letters and examples she includes of lives that have been changed by the word of God. The examples didn't always include people who had whatever the disappointment was fixed. In fact, most of them included people who's worst nightmare came true but were walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and depended on God to get them through and recognized the sovereignty of God in it. There is much to learn in this book and am glad there is a study guide at the end. I think you could definitely spend a lot of time on each chapter to reflect on your own life and ask ourselves how well am I handling this disappointment?

I received this book free from blogging for books in exchange for my review.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Grace Effect by Larry Alex Taunton

First of all, I thought it was a great book and I loved reading Sascha's story. I was drawn into the emotions of what it must have been like to go through the frustrations of dealing with such a corrupt country. I appreciated the history provided to better understand where Russia and the Ukraine are coming from and it truly is a sad story. I though Mr. Taunton did a great job showing us how grace can change people. At some points I was having trouble connecting the two but separately I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the interaction between him and Christopher Hitchens as well as the viewpoints of other atheists around the world. I think this story is well worth the read.
I received this book free from in exchange for my review