Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dovey Coe by Frances O'Roark Dowell

Winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Award for best mystery fiction, this book does contain a mystery; however, I found it's charm and interest lie in the character development and story line.  The "mystery" really only took a small part at the end of the book.  The mystery is interesting but it's the rest of the book that captured my attention.

The characters are interesting although they live a lifestyle that is much different than upper middle class Bucks County!  I especially liked that Dovey is happy and content in her life just as it is which is something we can all aspire to.  I also liked the simplicity of the Coe's lives and how they enjoyed nature and just being together.  I'd like to live that life!  No tv, no playstation, no computer.  Just the people they love and God's green acres that surrounds them.  Find out how the Coe's do it and read a great mystery, too!

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